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          Our farm has a wide range of compost products created to fit your gardening or farming needs. Compost products are delivered in a dump truck or can be ordered by the bag. Please call or email to ask questions about what product is best for you, as well as to place your order:

Call: 804-304-4716 – Jesse Stretch, Owner

          Our bagging system is slow and inefficient, so please forgive us if we are not always in stock with what you need. We currently cannot load pickup trucks with bulk material at our farm due to liability issues.   

          We generally bag our compost as it is ordered, meaning we don't keep a stockpile of bags. This allows you to order your exact quantity and have it bagged freshly when you need it. Hardware store brands of "compost" sit on the shelf and in plastic-wrapped pallets for months and months, growing mold and losing potency and nutrient value as they further decompose and dry out on the shelf.

         This bag-as-we-go method is great for ensuring fresh material, but being that we are a very small farm, we sometimes require advanced notice for bag orders. Pickup at the farm for bags is possible, but delivery can also be arranged during the peak season for certain orders.  

Dump truck loads are a very common way to order our material. We can deliver 7-20 cubic yards at a time to your property, which will give you a very good value on the compost. We deliver compost to Richmond, the West End, the Fan, Ashland, Goochland, Hanover, Powhatan, King William, Caroline, Louisa, and the counties surrounding the Greater Richmond Area.

         Fresh compost in the Richmond area was merely a dream for many local gardeners. Now, it’s easily accessible and quite affordable. We are so pleased to be in a position to create and offer this product.

         We look forward to hearing from you.