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        Our rural customers often have us mow their lawns and maintain their beds, and have no idea that we grade and maintain gravel driveways. Once they find out, they keep calling us back. From the excavation and creation of new driveways to the maintenance of existing ones, we offer a very wide range of services—including culvert installation or replacement.

        If your driveway culvert is clogged, crimped, or cracked, we can fix the issue. Often times, our clients who hire us for culvert replacement or installation experience less than one full day of limited access on their gravel driveways. We can have the old culvert system pulled within a matter of hours, and a new one installed by early afternoon. This type of speed is important when, in many cases, this driveway is the only access point to the house. If you work a 9-5, we can generally do an entire culvert project while you’re at work and have it ready for traffic by the time you get home.