What is Compost

Compost is decayed vegetable or other organic matter, and/or manure, which is used as a fertilizer and soil amendment for gardens or any type of crop or ornamental plant. But it is more than this. The practice of creating compost is ancient; nature has been doing it since the beginnings of life as we know it.

       Recent advances in microbiology have shed light on what is occurring in the compost pile, but the general processes are the same as they have been for eons. In a compost pile, bacteria and fungus are breaking down material, creating loamy-textured “stuff” which can be easily transported and applied to the soil.

        Composting is a renewable process. It utilizes what we as American’s have long considered “waste” and turns it into something very useful and valuable.

         Composting reduces our wastes as a species, keeping the landfills open for actual trash which cannot be recycled. If you have the time, do some research online about the amount of foods which are going into the garbage. The amount of food waste that Americans throw into the landfill is truly mind-boggling. To be able to turn this material into something that is good for the earth is what composting is all about.

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