Sod Installation

         In certain cases, grading and seeding are not enough to establish a perfect lawn. For nearly ten years, Richmond residents have worked with Field Station employees to install the best turf sod available. We are a referred and approved sod installer of one of the area’s premier sod farms, and love doing this work. We will install both Zoysia and Fescue sod for Richmond area customers.  

         Folks have a lot of questions about sod, and they often don’t understand how sodding works and why sod is a great option for their lawn. One of the most common thoughts is that sod is extremely expensive, when in reality it is not one of the more expensive landscaping projects that our property owners engage in. In an area like Richmond, where so much of your property value depends on the look and functionality of your lawn, good grass is less an expense, and more of an investment into the value of your home and property.

There are certain instances where sodding your lawn is the only viable and realistic option. Sometimes gradient, runoff, and drainage issues can be a major factor in how a lawn is established, and will point us in the direction of sod.

If you live in the Richmond Area and have questions about sod and whether sodding your lawn is right for you, call us.

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