Our lawn maintenance customers are more than just a name and street address. They are our friends and our networking agency. They are the backbone of our business, and we are fortunate to work with some of the nicest and best customers in the Richmond Area.

We take a personalized approach to lawn maintenance. We are not a “mow, blow, and go” type of lawncare company. Our maintenance approach is customized and always carefully executed. Year after year, the properties we maintain look better and better. This is because we focus on quality over quantity.

This is why we cannot add every lawn maintenance property that calls us. We have found that only taking customers within our immediate service areas can ensure that our high-attention approach will be successful. We focus on lawns that are within a reasonable drive time so that we don’t stretch ourselves too thin and sacrifice quality. We need time to focus on each property we have, and to build a relationship with our customers that will last well into the future. Fortunately, if you are outside of our service area, we have friends who run lawncare businesses in Northside as well as the East End. We are happy to refer you to a reputable company who can help.   

When you’re working with us on a weekly basis, your feedback is always received and acted upon. We answer the phone and we call back and we respond by email. Myself and our Field Manager, Jonathan Gibson, are available to talk anytime to address concerns on your property.

We like to take a proactive approach to our properties and work to improve them over the years. We tailor services to what our clients need and desire, and collaborate year round to keep these homes and businesses looking their best. There is no substitute for an annualized maintenance program with Field Station Farms. From the smallest of properties in the fan to 50-acre equestrian centers and farm properties in the Far West End, we keep our contract clients green and clean every month of the year.

         Not only are our maintenance clients happy customers, but they’re saving money. Their monthly rates are low compared to the service schedule they receive, and they pull value from our services and labor force that is unparalleled.

          Easy-to-handle monthly billing creates a stable platform for your budget, and allows you to put the lawn and landscape care on autopilot. There is no more guesswork. No more “calling the lawn guys” to get the grass mowed two weeks too late in April. There are no more weeds. No more ugly beds barren of mulch and fertilizer.

            In the areas of Richmond we service, the expectations of how your property should look and function are higher than ever before. In many cases, keeping the place looking nice is more than one man or woman can handle. If you feel like you’re working too much on your yard and not seeing results, or if your current company is not delivering what you expect, call us and put your lawn and landscape on autopilot today. You’re too busy to be pulling weeds on a Saturday, and it’s just not worth missing out on your weekends and evenings to work on your lawn or be let down by average service quality. Get in touch with us to find out how affordable, effective, and stress-free a lawn maintenance program can be.


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